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  • Исполнитель: Любители Тишины
  • Автор текста: Павел Шеховцев
  • Автор музыки: Павел Шеховцев
  • Автор: Павел Шеховцев
  • Рок
  • 24.08.2020 в 22:00
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Текст песни

Once more, with meet of daylight, the shadow drops to night.
A brand new day inspires, but how to make a stride?
A smog of tired valleys is right behind of me.
So, what will be tomorrow, what future will I see?

We write a sad confession to decorate the walls,
A man has run us out, but who’s that man – who knows?
We’ll cover thoughts with breezing, sometimes they don’t make sense.
We’ve lost our home, we’ve missed it. It disappeared, dispersed.

And stepping down the drain, we looking for our home.
As show that is not melted, we’ll go through it. We all
The light of life won’t blow out, a friend will comfort us.

We always find some comfort in best friend’s warmest hugs.

The past may hurt and scare, and we are sometimes sad.
The darkness wants to have us, however, doesn’t have.
We put some stones to water, disturbing mirror slick.
We hate feel pain through lifetime, we don’t adore to kill.

It breaks heart, it breaks heart. Alert state’s in my eyes.
It breaks heart, we stop on other side.
It breaks heart, it breaks heart. It’s squeezing us sometimes.
It breaks heart. To destabilize
Всё заграмонично тут у вас! Впечатляет hands
"Железно" звучит как нержавейка)))+++
Да Паша,это есть круто!За текст отдельный плюс тем более in English smile smile cry +++++++++